7 Benefits of High Levels of Testosterone

Secretions of the testosterone hormone occur in both women and men. It is responsible for strength and muscle mass development and protein synthesis. The hormonal levels in men are ten times more than that in women, but women have increased sensitivity to its effects. Even though the hormone determines certain traits and characteristics like virility, dominance, hair, and body physique, men and women rely on it for physical growth and improved sexual activity. Some benefits of testosterone include:

  1. Testosterone helps in the reduction of fat in the body. This is because it aides in metabolism of fat, glucose and insulin. When the hormonal levels in the body go down, this leads to reduced regulation of fats, glucose and insulin. This eventually causes fat to accumulate in the adipose tissue. Continued accumulation of fat lowers testosterone levels due to conversion of the hormone into estrogen. This is the reason why men suffering from obesity have higher levels of estrogen and low levels of T- hormone.
  2. Men with optimal levels of testosterone have lower chances of contracting heart ailments. Evidence suggests that those with lower levels of the hormone are more prone to heart diseases while increased levels of testosterone help strengthen the heart.
  3. Testosterone helps strengthen bones despite old age. In order for an individual to have strong and healthy bones during old age, it is important to enhance the levels of testosterone in the body. Most people tend to think that osteoporosis affects only women. Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones, and it also affects men. This condition occurs due to lower T-levels in the body. The hormone increases the density in the bones caused by mineralization and reduced re-absorption. Men in their old age suffer from the condition due to sub-optimal levels of testosterone in their bodies.
  4. The T-hormone can improve sexual performance and reduce erectile dysfunction. Men with poor levels of the T-hormone suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as poor libido. When you are not interested in performing sexual acts, this could be a sign of low levels of testosterone.
  5. Increased levels of testosterone make one less likely to have Alzheimer’s. Research has shown that the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is low T-levels. The cognitive group of men was more prone to the ailment and their tissues showed minimal amounts of the hormone. The disease progressed slowly in patients showing an improvement in the levels of T-hormone. One can prevent the disease from recurring during old age by maintaining the required levels of this hormone.
  6. It triggers competitive attitude. Men like to compete with each other. The amount of these hormones in the body triggers competition. There is a linkage between the desire for status and power in men. The levels of this hormone increase before a competition, causing an effect on the red blood cells and muscle gain, increased endurance and visual accuracy.
  7. High testosterone levels in the body cause one to be more bold and confident. Men with no status and power but optimal T-levels, have the desire to undertake risks in order to gain the upper hand. The reverse occurs with men with lower testosterone and high power and status.

muscleThe alpha male is a confident, fearless, and competitive individual who is ahead of everyone else. It would also be great if the alpha male doesn’t have any bone problem and erectile dysfunction. That alpha male could be you, but to make sure that you have what it takes, an increase in testosterone levels may be necessary. Not to worry though, because now testosterone comes in easy to use supplements so you can reap the rewards as soon as you start taking it.



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