7 Natural Appetite Suppressants Worth Trying

Dr. Oz, television’s most popular and trusted doctor, has been promoting saffron extract as a natural appetite suppressant. According to him, consuming carbohydrates affects certain chemicals in the brain that make you feel satisfied. You get cravings for this kind of pleasure and it is only satisfied when you eat carbohydrates.

How does saffron extract help curb your appetite? It works by stimulating that part of your brain that’s also affected when you give in to emotional eating. You will feel satisfied and relieved without actually eating carbohydrates. Therefore, your craving will not be as strong and you can say no to the addiction caused by eating.

There are seven amazing natural appetite suppressants that can help you lose weight by curbing your appetite.

  1. Saffron extract. For over three millennia, saffron has been used as a seasoning, fragrance, and medicinal plant. This spice lessens cases of overeating. There’s even a study in Whole Foods Magazine suggesting that all of the women who took the supplement had experienced a decrease in their hunger. Dr. Oz’s recommended blend is the Satiereal because it was the variation used in studies he checked out. The study used about 90mg of Satiereal twice a day.
  2. Hoodia. Hoodia gordonii, a cactus-like plant that’s found in the Kalahari Desert, has been used to stave off hunger during long hunting trips. With this you can lose about 1-6 pounds per week, although it may take a couple of days for it to start showing results.
  3. Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds help in weight loss by providing you with a lot of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. You can use the flaxseeds from the plant Linum usitatissimu as a sprinkle to snacks like cottage cheese or yogurt. However, you should be careful when using flaxseed because excessive ingestion of this may lead to an increased bowel movement, flatulence, and even pain in the abdomen.
  4. XanoLean. XanoLean is the first nutraceuticals formula to have a good effect against food addition. It helps deal with overeating by creating that satisfied feeling after consuming a small amount of food. Aside from being natural, XanoLean is also loaded with nutrients. What’s also great about XanoLean is that unlike other products it doesn’t have any jittery side effects.
  5. Ginger. Ginger is a powerhouse of benefits. It helps in digestion and provides the body with more energy. It also makes you feel less hungry. This inexpensive and common appetite suppressant can be used in different dishes and even beverages so you won’t run out of ways to consume it and get its benefits.
  6. Almonds. Almonds make the perfect snack, since it is rich in magnesium, protein, vitamin E, and antioxidants. You can carry a pack of almonds and consume them in-between meals to suppress your appetite. In fact, a 2006 study at the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting proved that almonds increase the feeling of fullness and help in weight management. When consuming almonds, go for the plain and blanched variety. Almonds coated in sugar or salt will not be healthy for the body.
  7. Umeboshi. According to Livestrong.com, umeboshi plums are one of the best fruits for those looking to lose weight. You can go for the fresh or the dried variety since both will have the same appetite suppressing properties present. According to NutritionData, one cup of dried umeboshi or prunes will have 144 grams of water, which happens to be a natural appetite suppressant. Umeboshi plums are known for its sour taste, which actually helps reduce your craving for sugar.

Many are interested in appetite suppressants since they can help reduce belly fat. There’s no question that belly fat is one of the hardest problems obese women have to deal with, especially when they are over 40 years old. By using appetite suppressants, you will be eliminating fat that built up due to poor diet and overeating.


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