Acai Berry vs Garcinia Cambogia

Acai berry and Garcinia cambogia are two of the top natural supplements in the market today. One who is looking for the best weight loss product would probably consider one of these two, but the problem is it’s hard to choose which is better. For you to get to know the two fruits better, they have been compared using different factors.

Active ingredient

Acai berry has overwhelming amounts of the antioxidant anthocyanin, the same chemical that is responsible for the berry’s deep color. Antioxidants benefit the body by improving cellular health and mental functions. This translates to better and younger looking skin, better memory and cognitive functions, and better heart health. It even helps prevent erectile dysfunction in men. Garcinia cambogia, on the other hand, has hydroxycitric acid. HCA is considered an anti-obesity chemical because it reduces fat mass and reduces appetite. In short, even with a full appetite, you will not gain weight and instead lose some.


These two superfruits are considered exotic, but they have been used in their native regions for decades. Being a tamarind fruit, Garcinia cambogia has a sour, sometimes weird, taste. It is because of its taste that Garcinia has been used as a replacement to tamarind in certain dishes. Acai berry is also sour, but sometimes it has an underlying sweet taste to it. Acai berry’s taste makes it a good addition to yogurts, ice creams, and juices.

Effects on the body

Both Garcinia cambogia and acai berry has benefits to offer, but if you want the value of your money you should choose the one that gives more benefits. Garcinia’s HCA content enables it to help you lose weight and improve your metabolism, but acai berry can improve your metabolism while also improving your cellular, heart, and mental health. The high content of anthocyanin is important for the removal of free radicals that causes a slew of problems in the body.

Product forms and variants

Garcinia cambogia supplements come in capsules and tablets. You can buy a bottle for a discounted price depending on your source. When choosing Garcinia cambogia products go for capsules that contain more than 50% HCA. The recommended amount of Garcinia to consume per day is 1500mg.

Acai berry products come in juices, powders, and capsules. These options allow you to include acai berry in various parts of your meal plan. You can replace your morning juice with acai berry juice, while the powder can be included in your protein shake. The capsule, just like Garcinia cambogia, can accompany your meals.

Side effects

A product containing pure acai berry works safely. There are no side effects to worry about. However, acai berry products loaded with sugars, caffeine, and other additives may have side effects associated with these additions. For you to stay safe, always go for pure acai berry products. On the other hand, Garcinia products can cause certain side effects associated with losing weight rapidly such as headaches, diarrhea, and stomach ache. These have been observed on individual cases, so some people may not experience them.

Both products warn against setting off allergies. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also warned against the use of Garcinia cambogia, just to be safe.

Plenty of research has been done on both Garcinia cambogia and acai berry and so far their effects are astounding. It’s definitely recommendable to use both of them, but if you must choose only one, acai berry seems to have more benefits for around the same price. What if you want to use both? Yes, you can do that without endangering your health since the two are both natural and safe.


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