Acai Berry vs Green Coffee Beans

Everything you consume impacts your health. You have the choice to either go with unhealthy things that load up your body with more calories than you can consume or eat healthy meals so that you get just the right amount of calories for your daily energy requirement. If you’re having problems with your weight and you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle, there’s no drastic change needed. All you have to do is add a healthy substance such as acai berry or green coffee bean and see your body start to slim down in no time.

Acai berry

A relative of cranberries and blueberries, acai berry has a purple, almost blackish color due to its high anthocyanin content. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant and it’s found in very large quantities in the grape-like fruit. Your body will benefit from antioxidants by releasing free radicals that are causing the body to be unhealthy. With the neutralization of free radicals, cancers will be less likely and your cellular health will be improved. This means a visible improvement in your hair, skin, and nail health. Your organs will also function better. Your heart will not fail easily and your memory will be superb. On top of all that, your metabolism will be improved, thus resulting in weight loss. With the consumption of pure acai berry supplements, even diabetic people can have better cholesterol levels.

The best thing about using acai berry is that it doesn’t have any side effects. It can be added to your diet for a long time without worrying about any unhealthy results coming up. With continued consumption of acai berry, you’ll get continuous benefits that don’t diminish in time. However, it’s worth noting that acai berry supplements containing additional substances may not be completely safe. The side effects arise from the additional components, not acai berry itself. To prevent any problems, make sure that you buy only pure acai berry products.

Green coffee beans

Green coffee bean supplements are popular today because of its astounding effects on weight loss. Coffee beans that do not undergo the roasting process keep their green color along with chlorogenic acid. This chlorogenic acid is the reason why green coffee bean is effective for weight loss and diabetes prevention. It also helps improve the health of your heart. High amount of chlorogenic acid is also linked with the reduction of high blood pressure. Regular coffee beans that have been roasted still have chlorogenic acid, but green coffee beans have more of it.

The only caveat when using green coffee beans is that, like regular coffee beans, it has caffeine. This means that it can easily cause palpitations, anxiety, stomach upset, and all other side effects related to caffeine. You could probably lessen the effects of these side effects on your body by consuming green coffee beans in moderation. That’s easy to say, but remember that caffeine has an addictive property too.


There is no doubt that acai berry and green coffee beans are beneficial for the body. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not be careful in using them. Remember, acai berry can still cause allergies and green coffee beans can cause caffeine-related side effects. Always go for high-quality products.

If you can’t decide on which one to use and you’re planning on using the two, make sure that the dosages are still within the safe limit. There’s no negative result when you combine the two, but it’s still good to consult with your doctor on the right dosage.

Lots of acai berry and green coffee bean products already exist in the market and some of they may be costly. While the price does not always guarantee quality, you should not go for the suspiciously cheap ones without checking out the label. Maybe they only contain a small amount of acai or green coffee and you won’t benefit from that.


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