Acai Berry vs Saffron Extract

Eating the right foods and using the right products can definitely have an effect on your weight. If you decide to consume unhealthy foods, weight gain will surely happen at a fast rate. On the other hand, if you decide to switch to a healthier lifestyle with the addition of healthful fruits and products to your diet, weight loss would be easy. If that’s the case, then you should look into products such as acai berry and saffron extract.

How to use acai berry

Acai berry is easy to use. When you visit Brazil, frozen acai berry is a very common product. It’s just like ice cream except it has tons of benefits for the body. As for home use, you can simply buy acai berry products in the form most convenient to you and start enjoying its benefits. There are acai berry fruit juices, powders, capsules, and tablets to choose from. It’s a good thing that these options are available because it lets you enjoy acai berry without feeling sick of a single way of using it. Acai berry can be used to get a healthier body. It’s effective in maintaining better skin, heart, and mental functions. Acai berry is also used in cosmetic products because of its antioxidant content.  You’re also less likely to develop cancer and diabetes.

How to use saffron extract

Saffron extract can be used as an addition to certain dishes. Its unique taste improves the flavor of viands and even rice meals. A small amount of saffron already goes a long way in terms of flavor and benefits. Saffron supplements are sold online so everyone can buy it anytime they want. These capsules can be taken 2-3 times per day depending on the dosage and the condition you are trying to solve. Saffron increases the body’s metabolic rate, which leads to better weight loss. It also suppresses your appetite so that you will eat less without trying hard. Aside from that, saffron extract is supposedly helpful for alopecia, menstrual cramps, postmenstrual syndrome, heartburn, and even dry skin.

Side effects of acai berry

Acai berry in itself does not have any side effects, but acai berry supplements that contain additional substances like caffeine and sugar may cause side effects related to the non-acai berry components.

Side effects of saffron extract

It would seem that saffron extract, despite being a common food additive, is more dangerous than acai berry. This is because consuming large amounts of saffron can lead to poisoning characterized by yellowing of the skin and eyes and bleeding of the nose and lips. Too much saffron can also cause death. Despite that, it would take a very large quantity of saffron to reach the dangerous 20gram mark. Most supplements contain less than 500mg.

Differences and similarities

Acai berry and saffron are similar in that they are both natural and safe. However, acai berry is a fruit and saffron is a spice. Saffron extract is taken from the stigma, while acai berry pulp is the one turned to juice. They both help reduce weight gain and since they improve the body’s metabolism, there’s an increased chance of weight loss. Both also improve sexual satisfaction—saffron is an aphrodisiac while acai berry prevents erectile dysfunction and acts as a natural Viagra.

Which is better?

Issues on safety and everything else considered, acai berry comes out on top. The different ways of taking advantage of acai berry make it a better option for a person looking for a long-term way of developing a healthy body. However, this does not mean that saffron is something that you should not consider. After all, saffron has its own set of benefits, and it’s definitely worth the try.


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