Anti-aging Benefits of Resveratrol

These days, many people want to look for the best way to lose weight and to look younger. Unfortunately, what some people turn to are surgeries that are costly and risky. What if you could get a younger, healthier looking skin without having to go under the knife? By consuming resveratrol, it’s certainly possible.

Top sources of resveratrol

The best source of resveratrol is red grapes. Its skin is filled with the antioxidant and because of that, red wine that’s made from the same grapes have a good amount of resveratrol, too. Other sources include some berries and peanuts. Adding resveratrol to your diet can be easy, but if you want to add the right amount that will show some notable changes in your body, you might have to eat a lot of fruits and nuts. If you don’t want to be sick of eating grapes, berries, and peanuts, you can always go for resveratrol supplements.

Antioxidants and aging

The reason why people look old is because of the aging of the cells. Some people who have unhealthy habits tend to look older than those living a healthy lifestyle because of the premature aging of their cells. Activities such as drinking and smoking contribute to your cell’s aging. Antioxidants work to prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the blood, which keeps cells looking healthy and young. When the cells inside the body are healthy, your skin outside will look healthy, too. Even your nails and skin will show a significant improvement.

Resveratrol vs. surgery

It’s easy to go through surgery if you have limitless funds. You can remove those fat deposits in just one sitting. You can have lesser wrinkles, too. Although these have a high success rate, you should keep in mind that the results of surgery are not permanent. As soon as you go back to eating fatty foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle, it won’t take long before you have to go through surgery again. This becomes a vicious cycle that will only torture your body.

Diets that include resveratrol

There are three ways of adding resveratrol to your diet. One is through the consumption of fresh red grapes. You can consume grapes as dessert or snacks in between meals. It can also be added to the actual dish you eat, like in salads and sandwiches. Make sure that you eat the skin. The other food sources of resveratrol can also be eaten as snacks and parts of your main meal.

The second way of adding resveratrol to your diet is through drinking red wine. Red wine, which comes from red grapes, can provide the benefits of resveratrol without having to fill you up with calories. A glass of wine after your lunch or dinner will merely add 100 calories per glass. Red wine also slows down your metabolism, which makes it a good snack before mealtime. It will cause you to eat less, although you have to keep in mind that red wine has less resveratrol than red grapes.

The third way of adding resveratrol in your diet is by using supplements. Supplements are filled with resveratrol, which means that each tablet or capsule can already provide the right dosage for your body. Meanwhile, you will have to eat a lot of grapes and drink lots of red wine to get the same effects. Supplements are also easy to carry so that you don’t have to miss taking it when you are out of town or in the office—imagine having to carry around a lot of grapes or drinking alcohol just to get the same results.

Taking care of your body should always be a top priority. It’s also important that you do this by using the safest products out there. Fortunately for you, resveratrol is safe and risk-free.

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