Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Coffee is a known stimulant and is the third popular beverage in the world next to water and tea. Green coffee bean is different from regular coffee in that it is unroasted or considered raw. Because of the absence of the roasting process, green coffee is rich in the chemical called chlorogenic acid. It’s an antioxidant that helps remove free radicals from the body and helps in making you healthier. Consuming green coffee can help your body in a lot of ways, including the following:

  1. Weight loss. A study has been done in Japan by the Oryza Oil and Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. about the effects of green coffee on weight loss. The study has positive results on mice subjects. According to the study, green coffee bean’s combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid is the reason why it can help reduce accumulated body fat and prevent absorption of more fat.
  2. Hypertension. According to another Japanese study, this time done by Kao Corporation in Tokyo, green coffee also has an outstanding positive effect on hypertension. It has been shown to be effective in both rats and humans with mild hypertensive cases. There was a decrease in the blood pressure of the subjects of the research, which included both rats and humans. It was also found out that a higher dosage of green coffee bean extract led to better effects. The best part of this study is the revelation that consumption of green coffee does not come with any side effects, which makes it a good alternative to prescription medication. It’s widely known that prescription medications can have harmful side effects for the body.
  3. Diabetes. Another benefit of consuming green coffee bean is lesser risk of diabetes. A study done in Cairo, Egypt by Helwan University stated that there’s a great improvement in diabetic rats’ glucose levels and insulin levels after being given green tea. This study can be found in the Journal of American Science. The active ingredient identified by the study was chlorogenic acid.


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