Benefits of Nitric Oxide

As you grow older, you experience more problems with your body. If you’re not health conscious and you are a fan of unhealthy foods, then your blood vessels are probably clogged up with fat. This makes it harder for blood carrying oxygen to go where it is needed in the body. This can affect certain aspects of your life if you don’t do something about it. Fortunately, nitric oxide supplements can help you with that.

What’s the purpose of nitric oxide?

Arginine, which is a precursor amino acid of nitric oxide, is found in certain foods such as sesame, turkey, and shrimp. This converts to nitric oxide to aid in blood flow and cell communication. Nitric oxide is also found in the linings of blood vessels. As the blood pressure increases, the production of nitric oxide is triggered to let more blood pass through. The natural aging process makes cells less efficient at producing nitric oxide on demand. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and eating fatty foods also cause blockage in your blood vessels, which makes it harder for blood to pass through.

Benefits of nitric oxide

nitricoxide_benefit-270x270Nitric oxide is popular these days for men who are trying to build a well-defined body. However, this doesn’t mean that women cannot take advantage of the amino acid. Nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax to let more blood pass through, but what does this mean for the body? This means that oxygen can be transported where it is needed. It can help strengthen the immune system, encourage thought processes, improve sleep, and even aid in muscle recovery. With stronger muscles, endurance and strength will also be improved. By far the most important benefit of nitric oxide is it reduces the risk of stroke and heart problems. Stroke is caused by improper oxygen flow to the brain, which can be improved by better vasodilation. There’s also a lesser chance of reversed blood flow in the heart because of lesser pressure.

Side effects of nitric oxide

Unfortunately, nitric oxide may come with some side effects. For instance, if a person with normal blood pressure uses nitric oxide supplements, the blood pressure may be lowered. People with bleeding problems or who are using medications such as aspirin may experience increased bleeding. These aren’t general side effects, but it is possible to experience these.  Stomach cramps and discomfort may also be felt along with nausea and headaches if you use the supplement on an empty stomach. To prevent such side effects, you should always ask your doctor before using any product.

Limitations when using nitric oxide supplements

The right dosage has to be determined before using nitric oxide supplements, since too much of it may affect the kidney and liver. If you are pregnant or are currently lactating, you should ask your doctor of the dosage that you can use. The maximum allowable safe dosage for pregnant and lactating women hasn’t been determined yet. There’s also the possibility of arginine overdose, which is characterized by diarrhea, nausea, and weakness. If you’re eating foods rich in arginine, or if you are using other supplements that contain the amino acid, you should be careful with using nitric oxide supplements.

Nitric oxide can be used for a lot of things. Men can use it to help build muscles, since it improves muscle recovery and reduces inflammation. Women can take advantage of its benefits on heart health and improved memory. As long as you follow the right procedures on how to use nitric oxide supplements, you should not encounter any problems. It’s also best if you consult with your doctor before using the supplement just to be safe. Maybe you can also ask your doctor about a recommended brand, since not all NO supplements in the market can be trusted.


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