Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol is one thing that you probably hear everywhere these days. It’s not just present in red grapes and red wine anymore, although these two still remain to be the most abundant source of the antioxidant. Resveratrol is now included in weight loss beverages and juices—and then there are supplements made from resveratrol concentrate. If you’re wondering if using resveratrol supplements is worth it, first you have to know the benefits it offers for the body.

Resveratrol’s effects on blood pressure

Hypertension and high cholesterol levels are dangers people of older age have to worry about. The risk of having these problems tends to increase with age. It’s a good thing that resveratrol can eliminate bad cholesterol and prevent hypertension by encouraging the release of nitric oxide from the walls of the blood vessels. The blood vessels are relaxed, so they expand and let more oxygen to be delivered all over the body. Since older blood vessels tend to be weaker and clogged up by cholesterol, expanding them is really important to let oxygen get to where it is needed.

Resveratrol on skin cell aging

Healthy skin cells are able to function properly. Without free radicals, your skin cells should be naturally healthy. However, free radicals are everywhere these days, and if you are a fan of smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy vices, you probably have more free radicals. It’s important to combat this with a sufficient amount of antioxidant to make sure that you don’t have prematurely aging skin. Have you noticed the skin of chain smokers? They look dull and unhealthy, whereas people who take care of themselves tend to have glowing skin and hair. You want to be one of those people who always get asked for their real age because they seem to be younger than their actual age.

Resveratrol on weight loss and appetite suppression

Resveratrol is more popular for its effects on weight loss than it is for its effects on anti-aging. The reason for this is because many people are battling obesity. Fortunately, resveratrol is an important help in the matter. Because it suppresses your appetite by slowing down your digestion, you will not feel hungry during a meal as long as you take resveratrol beforehand. Resveratrol is also a good replacement to in-between snacks so that instead of loading your body with additional calories, you will only be encouraging more fat burning.

Resveratrol on increased metabolism

Resveratrol also triggers faster metabolism in order to burn fat deposits in the body and provide you with more energy. You can then use this energy to exercise and be more active. With your unhealthy lifestyle, your body is probably filled with toxins, which results in you feeling sleepy and tired all the time. When your cells are rejuvenated, your body will start to work efficiently and that means an improvement in digestion and toxin-removal. Add that to increased metabolism and you will definitely see a change in your waistline pretty soon.

The effects of resveratrol on the body should not be taken for granted. It may just be a simple component of red grapes, which is not even exotic, but it has big benefits to offer. If you’re wondering why it’s better to take the supplement rather than eat grapes or drink red wine, it’s because the supplements contain only pure resveratrol, while grapes and wine only contain a relatively smaller amount. This means you will have to eat a lot of grapes or drink a lot of wine just to get the same amount of resveratrol found in one single capsule of supplement.

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