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Deer Antler
Deciding on a certain brand of supplements is as difficult as deciding to use the supplement in the first place. There are so many options out there and unfortunately, it can’t be guaranteed that all of them are effective. Some companies merely hope to gain more money, so their products may be made from substandard ingredients. Some also choose to sell their fairly effective product for an overpriced amount to earn more. What you’re looking for is a product that’s priced moderately without sacrificing its benefits. Does Deep Antler Plus fit the bill?

Velvet antler benefits and side effects

It would seem that antlers aren’t just good for decoration. Velvet antler, which hasn’t calcified yet, can be harvested and dried to be used as supplements. It has plausible benefits including helping increase muscle mass, improving muscle repair, providing anti-inflammatory properties, regulating blood pressure, and developing a more masculine body. It’s a good source of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, collagen, androgens, and proteins, including over 20 amino acids. Deer Antler Plus has chondroitin, lysophosphatatidyl choline, gangliosides, and growth factors, which make it useful especially for children with less than normal level of growth.  Even professional athletes use it for a safer way of healing their body. What you’re looking for in the product is IGF-1—it has to be natural. Other supplements offer this hormone in its synthetic form, but that’s not what you want.

Forms of velvet antler supplements

Once it has been dried properly, velvet antler can be made into supplements of various forms. The most common is powder supplements, which are easy to consume. There are also velvet antler sprays. Some people also use the powdered deer antler by adding it to their afternoon tea along with some herbs and roots. It can even be added to broth. Everyone can probably use the powdered antler, but note that different body types will require different amounts. Adding it to a broth that everyone will eat may cause those of a younger age or a smaller physique to overdose. If you’re eating the broth on your own, that won’t be a problem. This is just one problem that is addressed by the capsule or tablet form of the supplement. Instructions are in the label, so you will know the exact amount that’s good for you. The risk of overdosing is very small.

Why is it more expensive than other supplements?  

Deer antler velvet supplement is effective, alright. Many people want to get their hands on it. The problem is, only a handful of deer are chosen for antler velvet harvesting, and the process is a complicated and tricky one. Anesthesia is often required to make sure that the animal is not harmed and a trained professional has to do the job. Antler velvet also mostly comes from New Zealand, which means that it has to be shipped to other countries in order to be sold. Those things mean huge costs, and that adds to the price of the product.

Is it worth it?

Some would argue that it’s not worth the money, but that decision is completely up to you. The facts are that Deer Antler Plus helps in muscle building, muscle recovery, and muscle definition. You’ll get a toned body in no time. It will also leave you feeling good, thanks to the presence of amino acids and a better immune system. It is also natural, not like steroids that are banned from a lot of sports and have side effects that come with it. If you were to choose a product that can give you steroidal effects but is natural, then deer antler velvet supplement is a good choice.


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