Does Deer Antler Really Help Build Muscle?

If you’re a fan of sports, you are probably familiar not only with the rules, but also with the players. That includes news surrounding them, such as their use of a certain product. A popular professional athlete can influence the demand for a product greatly. For example, if a popular football player was linked with deer antler velvet, many sports fans who want to be more like him will surely waste no time buying the product.

muscleman-150x150What exactly does deer antler velvet do?

Deer antler velvet helps build bigger and stronger muscles. On top of that, it also encourages muscle repair. Components of deer antler velvet are also responsible for leaner body with lesser fat. Even after a day of intense training, you don’t have to rely on high protein food to help repair your muscles—velvet antler supplements can do that and so much more. It also gives you a healthier immune system.

Why it’s popular in the sports world

The sports world is not an easy world. With each game, and even with just training, there are a lot of muscles at work. Injuries happen all the time, and that can’t be helped. It’s part of the risk of being involved with professional sports. Of course, after an injury, the player would have to take some time off to enable his body to fully heal. Torn muscles and tendons require time to prevent permanent damage. Some even need operations. Imagine if athletes can do more training without having to worry about being benched for the entire game season. This is why deer antler velvet has become popular in the sports world. It helped athletes become bigger, better, and stronger and it also helps them recover from sports injuries faster.

Where does deer antler velvet supplement come from?

The name implies that it comes from deer antler, but you can’t just harvest the deer antler and get the supplement or its benefits that easily. Antler velvet is taken from antler that has not calcified or hardened yet. The newly grown antler of a male deer is taken, dried, and powdered to come up with the supplement. It may also come in spray form for a direct to the skin application. What’s so special about this antler velvet is that it aids in cell division, hence its rapid effects on muscle recovery.

Does harvesting deer antler velvet hurt the deer?

Harvesting deer antler velvet does not hurt the deer. You’ll be happy to know that the comfort of the deer is important and harvesting cannot be done by just anyone. There is often a veterinarian involved in the process to make sure that the procedure is done properly. In fact, harvesting in New Zealand requires training. Most of deer antler velvet comes from New Zealand. Anesthesia is also generally used. However, you should make sure that your source of antler velvet follows the right procedures. It can’t be helped that some would want to cut cost and harvest antler velvet improperly. You don’t want to contribute to the sales of a company that hurts animals, do you?

Deer antler velvetcontains IGF-1, which is responsible for its human growth hormone-like properties. You should know that this substance is naturally found in antler velvet, which is not the same as synthetic IGF-1. If you want to make sure that you are gaining more muscle mass and encouraging muscle recovery without endangering your health, then you should go for the natural substance. Fortunately for you, this supplement can be found in clinics, local health stores, and even online. That should make it fairly easy to get started with getting a better body.


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