Green Coffee Bean Max

There are rumors that a healthier kind of coffee is in town, and it’s called green coffee. The name is due to its color because it does not undergo the roasting process. It can be called raw coffee. Different variants of green coffee bean exist in the market today, but not all of them are beneficial. Is Green Coffee Bean Max one that you should buy, or should you go for something else?

Green coffee bean

Dr. Oz is one of the strongest advocates of green coffee bean. According to this popular TV doctor, green coffee can facilitate weight loss, reduce hypertension, and even prevent diabetes. It all sounds promising, right? But aren’t these claims already what you’ve heard on some other healthy supplements before?

What’s different in green coffee bean is the active ingredient called chlorogenic acid. You see, when coffee beans are roasted, this acid is depleted and other antioxidants take its place. This is not to say that antioxidants are bad, of course. Actually, antioxidants are beneficial for the body; chlorogenic acid is also a form of antioxidant. This only means that green or not, coffee is a good weight loss aid. Add to that the benefits of caffeine and you already have a fat burning mechanism that works even without exercise.

Is green coffee more beneficial than regular coffee?

Both green and regular coffee has benefits to offer, but if you want to know what’s the better choice, that’s a question that’s hard to answer. Regular coffee has that roasted taste and smell that many people have grown accustomed to, but green coffee offers great fat burning. It also improves your blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels to prevent hypertension. There’s a study that proves this.

One thing to consider when choosing between regular and green coffee is what you pair it with. Coffee can be paired with donuts and pasta dishes. It can also be blended with milk and lots of sugars. The weight loss benefits of regular coffee may be blocked by these unhealthy additions. Green coffee, on the other hand, especially when taken in supplement form, can be eaten without any additions. Then again, this would depend on the person using it.

In short, the effects of Green Coffee Bean Max will depend mostly on how you use it. If you’re aiming for quick fat burning, using green coffee supplements and switching to a low calorie diet can do the trick. However, if you still consume a lot of sugar, the effects may be minimal. And no, you cannot increase the dosage of green coffee bean supplements just to get better results. That’s very dangerous especially because green coffee still has caffeine.

Is Green Coffee Bean Max recommended for weight loss?

Green Coffee Bean Max can be a good weight loss aid. Plenty of research has been done to prove its positive effects on the body, but most of these researches are sponsored by companies selling the product. More research has to be done to determine without doubt that its effects are worth trying.

So far, Green Coffee Bean Max supplements are recommendable because, after all, it has caffeine and chlorogenic acid, both of which encourages fat burning and the reduction of stored fat due to an increased metabolic rate. People can certainly benefit from these ingredients. This is as long as you are mindful of what you pair the product with.

Remember, a low calorie diet will improve the effects of green coffee and adding exercise will hasten the weight loss process. But if you don’t have a deadline, you can be lenient with these things and be content with the small benefits that come with green coffee paired with high calorie consumption. Again, it all depends on what you do with the product.


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