Green Coffee Bean vs. African Mango

How many weight loss supplements exist in the market today? Countless. How many of them are effective? We will never know. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that green coffee bean and African mango are two of the most effective choices you have. You can go for one or the other, or you can choose both.

Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean is an improved version of your regular coffee bean in that it has a high amount of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient responsible for green coffee bean’s ability to aid a person to lose weight. There has been a research involving overweight individuals who were given two different dosages of green coffee bean and placebo medication. According to the results, the higher dosage of green coffee bean proved to be the most effective. There was an average of 10% change in fat mass and overall weight. Imagine, even with just this coffee you can already get rid of those stubborn fat deposits.

The supplement can be taken in capsule form 30 minutes before mealtime. Green coffee bean may be bitter, so you should prepare accompanying water when taking it. You could also take it before you eat a sweet fruit snack so that the taste will be better. Its strong bitter taste is the reason why you should consider capsules rather than other forms of the supplement.

If you’re wondering if green coffee bean can replace your regular coffee, the answer is yes. This variant has the caffeine that gives regular coffee the ability to wake you up in the morning and give you energy to face the day.

African mango

African mango supplements come from a special kind of mango from Africa. Unlike regular mango, you don’t throw away the seed or nut. In fact, it’s the nut that’s the most nutritious part of the fruit. African mango supplements contain the powdered nut, which provides you with energy, burns fat, and suppresses your appetite.

There is no serious side effect associated with African mango, but you should still make sure that you only take high quality African mango supplements. Lower quality supplements may have side effects because of the additional ingredients in there. Because African mango triggers the body to metabolize faster, you will notice a weight reduction soon.

Which is better: Green coffee bean or African mango?

Which one should you use, green coffee bean or African mango? Both of them have benefits to offer and they can add a new taste to your regular diet. If you really have to decide, you should try out the new, healthy coffee in town. There’s also the option to use both of them. This is safe, but you have to change the dosage to accommodate the additional supplement.

If safety and effectiveness is to be considered, green coffee bean may be a good choice since it can be used longer than African mango. Then again, African mango has a lot of nutrients that make it aggressive in helping to lose weight. Actually, both of them does, which makes it so hard to choose just one.

Even the price is within each other’s range. You can find slightly less expensive African mango or green coffee bean supplement from certain sources, but make sure that you are getting the pure ones. You can get savings if you buy more, so if you’re planning to stick to a certain supplement, buy it in a larger quantity to avail of the promos.

Delivery time for both supplements is almost the same.


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