Green Coffee Bean vs. Garcinia Cambogia

There’s no question that green coffee bean and Garcinia cambogia are both helpful for the body. Just look at the recommendations they are both getting. Even popular TV doctor Dr. Oz has done some research before recommending these natural supplements and even he was impressed. The people who are fans of his show who have tried the supplements also attest to their claims. Can you also benefit from green coffee bean and Garcinia cambogia? And which one of the two should you use to get the best results?

Garcinia cambogia for the body

Garcinia cambogia is an exotic fruit that’s related to tamarind. It has a sour taste and for that it has been a convenient replacement to tamarind in other dishes. It also has a long history of being used as an appetite suppressant and aid for weight loss. With the regular addition of Garcinia cambogia to your diet, you can lose steady weight even if you don’t exercise rigorously. And because it suppresses your appetite, you will not worry about being constantly hungry. Your food intake will also be reduced, which makes it even easier to lose more weight.

Side effects of Garcinia cambogia

When taken in the right amount, Garcinia cambogia is definitely safe. There are also researches backing up its effects. However, using Garcinia comes with some warnings. For instance, you may experience headaches. A surplus in energy, although not really bad, may leave you feeling restless at night. This can be remedied by avoiding using Garcinia before bedtime. There is also not enough evidence about the effects of Garcinia on pregnant and breastfeeding women, so precaution is of highest importance.

Green coffee bean’s benefits

The process used to create green coffee bean is the reason why it does not lose its chlorogenic acid, which is gone in roasted coffee. This chlorogenic acid is the reason why green coffee bean is better than regular coffee. If you want to lose weight, this kind of coffee is the one for you. According to the results of studies, chlorogenic acid changes the way your body absorbs glucose. Sugary foods contain glucose and when the body absorbs too much glucose, it can cause diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and many other health problems. Chlorogenic acid makes sure that this doesn’t happen. On top of that, green coffee bean also improves the body’s metabolism. This kind of coffee still has caffeine, which is undeniably great at providing energy, increasing the metabolic rate, and burning fat.

Side effects of green coffee bean

The most important thing to remember when using green coffee bean is that it has caffeine. Some natural supplements taste good and work well that you may wonder if taking more can improve the effects even further. Green coffee bean has good results, but don’t get any ideas about using more than the required dosage. Remember, caffeine—in regular or in green coffee—can cause palpitations and insomnia. You may also have an upset stomach if you don’t follow the recommended dosage. You can check out the label on the green coffee bean supplements packaging to know how much you should take.

Green coffee bean and Garcinia cambogia are equally beneficial for the body. Because of this, many people find it hard to choose just one. If you want, you can actually try using the two together. For example, one capsule of green coffee bean before lunch and one capsule of Garcinia before dinner should work well. Because of the presence of caffeine, you should not use green coffee bean too late at night. There’s no need to change your diet just to take advantage of these supplements. With that said, what’s stopping you from buying your supplements now?



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