Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages especially in the morning. A lot of people drink coffee and some of them can’t even live with just a single cup. If you’ve tasted coffee and know how much it can help in the morning, you’ll surely never part with it. But what if coffee can be more than just a tool to help you wake up and focus at the start of your day? What if coffee can actually be beneficial in weight loss and other problems?

Green coffee beans vs regular coffee

When green coffee beans are roasted, the result is the regular dark colored coffee you are familiar with. This regular coffee has that distinct coffee taste you’ve grown to love. Green coffee bean, which is not roasted, does not have that taste. What it has instead is chlorogenic acid, which is the chemical responsible for weight loss and fat burning. It can be concluded in a heartbeat that green coffee beans are healthier than regular coffee beans.

How is green coffee bean processed?

Since it is not roasted, green coffee bean undergoes a different process. It is soaked and then concentrated and turned to extract. This extract is the one you can take advantage of. Green coffee bean has supplements ranging from 20mg to 500mg per capsule. If you’re not a fan of the taste of coffee, then green coffee bean is definitely something you have to try. Note though that it can be very bitter, so some sweet addition could come in handy.

What is green coffee bean’s effect on the body?

Scientists have conducted a study on the effects of green coffee bean on the body and what they found out was that it can aid in weight loss and the reduction of body fat. They also noted that a higher dosage of the extract seem to yield better results. Losing weight seems to be effortless even without exercise thanks to green coffee bean. The same study also mentioned that the results of green coffee are not due to the presence of caffeine. It is because of chlorogenic acid, which affects glucose retention.

What are the side effects of green coffee bean?

It’s worth mentioning that green coffee bean in its pure form does not have any side effects. However, precaution is important when using green coffee beans since it also has caffeine. Caffeine has plenty of side effects such as anxiety, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, bleeding disorders, diarrhea, and irritable bowel movements. Caffeine is also known as effective for weight loss. You should simply take green coffee bean (and even regular coffee bean) in moderation to keep side effects at bay. Pregnant women should not consume too much caffeine because it can affect the emotions and the metabolism of the body. Furthermore, breastfeeding women should avoid excessive caffeine intake for the safety of the child.

Where to get green coffee bean

Green coffee bean isn’t really exotic. It can actually be found even in Starbucks, although if you want to get the most of its benefits, there are more reputable sources out there. You don’t want your beverage to have too much sugar because that would defeat the purpose of trying to lose weight. Green coffee bean supplements can be found in various places so you can choose the one most convenient for you.

With the benefits of green coffee bean for the body, it would seem like a really good idea to use it. Think about it. You can switch your regular coffee to a healthier version that still has the kicking effects of caffeine but comes with a lot of benefits, too. Wouldn’t you want that?


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