How do Green Coffee Bean Supplements Work?

Coffee has long been an important part of one’s morning. Did you know that the caffeine content in coffee can actually aid in weight loss? That information would probably cause non-coffee drinkers to try it once in a while. What if you knew that there’s another variant of coffee, one that can also aid in weight loss and is healthier than regular coffee? Would you try green coffee bean or are you loyal to your dark-colored roast?

From roasting to supplementing

Coffee beans are harvested and prepared into the form that you can convert to a tasty drink. Regular coffee beans are the product of a roasting process, which also loads it with antioxidants good for the body. Meanwhile, green coffee beans do not undergo the roasting process so they retain their green color. Instead, it is prepared using a different manner, which is the reason why it does not have the same taste as coffee. It still has caffeine, but it also has a huge amount of chlorogenic acid. This very chemical is what researchers name when asked why the green variant is a good weight loss aid.

How to use green coffee bean

There are green coffee bean products that can be turned to a coffee drink that has that bitter taste of coffee but doesn’t actually taste like coffee. This is because of the absence of the roasting process that causes that coffee taste. If you want to drink green coffee, you need to choose the right sweet addition to it. It can be very bitter, so table sugar or other forms of sweeteners can be recommended. However, you should remember that not all sugars are safe. Some of them can cause problems too. Green coffee bean supplements, which come in convenient capsule or tablet forms, are easier to use because you simply have to swallow a small pill before mealtime.

Benefits of green coffee bean

Chlorogenic acid affects the way that your body absorbs glucose. Glucose absorption is related to weight gain. If the sugar is not absorbed in the bloodstream and is eliminated quickly, it will not be converted to unused fat. Furthermore, chlorogenic acid also aids in fat burning and metabolism so that even when you are only sitting down, you can still burn energy. This is proven by a research done on subjects given a normal calorie intake of 2400 calories per day. Results affirmed that green coffee bean significantly improves weight loss by at least 10%.

Side effects and precautions

The effects of green coffee bean can be seen without exercise. However, the results may not be as astounding if you pair green coffee bean supplements with sugar-loaded substances that cause weight gain. It may also be problematic if you take supplements alongside 2-3 cups of regular coffee every day, since both green and dark-colored coffee has caffeine. Too much caffeine will definitely result in a lot of problems in the body including palpitations, hyperactivity, restlessness, and irritability.

Should you use it?

There is no reason why green coffee bean should not be recommended. It is safe for up to twelve weeks of use, it helps in weight loss and even reduces blood cholesterol, and it has caffeine to help you start your day with energy. If you consider these things, it’s definitely a great idea to replace regular coffee with green coffee bean supplements.

You should not pass up on the opportunity to turn your favorite drink to a healthy weight loss aid. Since not everyone has time for exercise, it’s great that green coffee bean supplements actually help you burn fat even at rest. Imagine, even when you’re sleeping you can burn fat. And the best part is green coffee bean extracts now come in small tablets, so consuming it isn’t any problem at all.


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