How to Lose Weight with Green Coffee

Raw coffee beans, or beans that have not been roasted, is called green coffee bean. Regular coffee bean is rich in antioxidants and in the green version this antioxidant is in the form of chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant helps remove toxins and free radicals and that results in a more efficient system. Green coffee can also be helpful for those who want to lose weight.

According to a study published in BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2006, green coffee can reduce visceral fat and improve the body weight of mice. The study also mentioned that the same effect can be expected on humans. For more effective results, green coffee should be used in combination with a balanced diet. The addition of exercise can further improve its results.  Below is a step-by-step guide in helping you lose weight with the use of green coffee bean:

  1. The first step to starting your new weight loss program is to consult with a professional. Your physician can help you in determining the right amount of green coffee to incorporate in your diet. You should also ask about the possible side effects that come with chlorogenic acid in green coffee. Remember that coffee has stimulants and this may affect the results of some medications.
  2. Go to your local organic food store and see if they have green coffee bean packets. Buying single serving packets is a good way to start.
  3. Consume green coffee before breakfast. This will give you the right amount of caffeine to trigger weight loss and antioxidants for a healthier body. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding the dosage you can consume. Avoid consuming more than what’s recommended. This can make you lose weight faster, but that may come with lots of side effects. Different variants and brands of green coffee have different dosages, so always read the label.
  4. Pair your green coffee bean with a low fat diet. This promotes faster weight loss. Make sure that you have plenty of natural foods in the house so that you will not eat out regularly. Shop for lean meats, brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, oatmeal, and healthy fats like that found in salmon. Use olive oil instead of regular cooking oil. For snacks, choose fruits and low fat dairy instead of chocolates and chips. Unprocessed foods will make you eat less and make you feel fuller for a longer time.
  5. Consume green coffee bean before exercising. This helps increase your energy levels so that you can workout longer and better. Exercising regularly will help you burn more calories. A recommended routine should include three days for full body strength training to help you build muscle and improve your body’s metabolism. Four days of cardiovascular exercise will help burn stored fat.


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