Raspberry Ketones vs. Garcinia Cambogia

How do you choose from the many health supplements available in the market these days? There are natural supplements taken from exotic plans with surprising benefits. There are also appetite suppressants aiming to give you freedom from cravings and helping you lose weight in the process. All of these supplements have some benefits, but if you really want to make the most out of what you will be paying, you need to choose only the best.

Raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia

Raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia are both pretty popular natural supplements today. They have been recommended by a certain TV doctor who is trusted by millions. What does it take to get the recommendation of a trusted personality? Dr. Oz reads the facts, performs researches to prove the product claims, and invites people knowledgeable about the product in the show. Only after the good doctor has proven to himself that the products are helpful and safe does he go out to the public and recommend them. Considering this process, only the best of the best products will get his seal of approval, then these will be the ones that his subscribers trust.

What are the effects of raspberry ketones?

Many people love the taste of raspberries. It can be added to pies and made into juices. It has a lot of nutrients and antioxidants, which make it good for the body. One other thing it has is raspberry ketone, the chemical responsible for its smell. Raspberry ketones are proven to help aid in digestion without endangering your body. It guarantees faster metabolism, resulting in improved fat burning—that means even if you don’t stand up from that couch you’re comfortable on, you will still burn fat. All those times you can’t go to the gym because you’re stuck in the office will still be fruitful thanks to raspberry ketones.

What are the effects of Garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is known for its pumpkin shape even though it is technically a tamarind. Garcinia is known for its aid in weight loss through reducing one’s appetite and inhibiting the body from converting calories to fat reserves. Your body is programmed to convert calories to fat to protect you from the cold, but you can do without a thick layer of it. Garcinia’s powerful effects on the body leave you not only feeling full after a few spoons of food, but also feeling energized thanks to the conversion of more fat to energy.

Which one to choose

The facts have been laid out. Raspberry ketones aid in weight loss, but so does Garcinia cambogia. They both aid in metabolism, so they can make sure that even your rest time is productive in terms of fat burning. You don’t need exercise to take advantage of the benefits of the two. They are also both conveniently found in capsule forms, so you can take them wherever you are. As for the taste, raspberry ketone supplements have that raspberry flavor, while Garcinia cambogia does have a weird taste. If you want to take supplements that taste good, then go for raspberry ketones. If you’re okay with a weird taste as long as it gives some results, Garcinia can be the one for you.

You should also know that the two can be combined safely. There is no harm in trying both, although you might want to adjust the dosage of the two just to be safe. If you don’t know how to adjust the dosage, that would be a question to discuss with your doctor. Remember, you have to care for your health and this includes not overdosing on any medication or supplement.

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