Raspberry Ketones vs. Green Coffee Beans

Studies have determined that raspberry ketones have a positive effect on weight loss. This is possible because of the properties of raspberry ketones that improve the body’s metabolism. People with unhealthy weight tend to have a slower metabolism, while those with an active lifestyle have a faster one. There are also some people who are gifted with fast metabolism, so they don’t get fat even if they have a full appetite. If you want to lose weight, one way to do this is by improving the rate of metabolism of your body.

Raspberry ketone and metabolism

Losing weight is no walk in the park? Many people spend years trying to find the best system that will help them shed pounds, and only some of them have found a successful option. That could be one reason why you may lose interest in trying at all, but before you give up completely, it’s worth trying raspberry ketones first. This chemical, which is responsible for the smell of red raspberries, aids in your body’s metabolism. This means that more fat will be converted to energy. Less fat stored in the body is what you want. Raspberry ketones also help develop more lean body mass.

Which is better: raspberry ketones or green coffee beans?

Green coffee bean is made out of regular coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. Roasting the coffee beans result in lesser cholorogenic acid which provides benefits for heart health and weight loss. Green coffee bean is effective in preventing high blood pressure thanks to the effects of chlorogenic acid on the blood vessels. The chemical is also helpful in managing diabetes. It also burns fat really fast even without dieting or doing exercise.

On the other hand, raspberry ketones help burn fat without requiring dieting or exercise, too. It does this by improving the body’s metabolism, which makes unprecedented weight loss possible. Raspberry ketones also help lessen problems in hair loss, which would make it suitable for people in their late thirties to forties.

Both raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract are safe to use, so you should not worry about having any serious side effects from using them. However, you still need to be careful with the product to buy, since not all variants of these supplements are truly effective.

Side effects to consider

Raspberry ketones are linked with plenty of successful weight loss stories, but it’s still worth mentioning that it can cause some side effects in certain individuals. Note that these side effects vary on a case to case basis. More research may also be needed to properly identify the side effects of using raspberry ketone. For now, there seem to be reports of increased heart rate and body temperature related with the use of the supplement. These may be due to the relation of raspberry ketone to synephrine and the effects of the supplement on norepinephrine.

As for green coffee bean, there are no side effects found out on the study that exists so far. That would mean it’s safe to use, but you should still be careful in its consumption because like regular coffee it has caffeine. Caffeine can lead to insomnia, restlessness, nausea, stomach upset, and even increased heart rate. Basically, all the side effects related to coffee apply to green coffee bean, too.

If the side effects are to be considered, raspberry ketones seem to be the better option. Each of them has their own list of side effects, so at the end of the day you need to choose which one is less harmful for the body. Each one has their merits, too, so make sure that you go with what can offer you more benefits.

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