Resveratrol Side Effects

When free radicals are present in the body, it doesn’t perform well. Cells are not able to regenerate better and the person becomes unhealthy. Free radicals are present from unhealthy foods and bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Free radicals can also cause your skin to look old and unhealthy. Antioxidants help get rid of free radicals, which help the body repair itself more efficiently. Resveratrol has recently been named one of the best sources of antioxidants and that means that it can benefit the body in plenty of ways.

The benefits of resveratrol

Resveratrol offers a lot of benefits including increased metabolism, enhanced cell function, increased energy level, and reduced carbohydrate oxidation. As you can see, resveratrol is not just a weight loss aid; it’s not just an anti-aging supplement either. Resveratrol supplements are good for over-all body health. With enhanced cell function, you don’t have to worry about premature aging. You will have lots of energy to actively participate in work and personal activities. Increased metabolism will help you lose weight and burn more fat even if you’re not doing anything. Carbohydrate oxidation is also reduced, effectively lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Supplements vs. grapes vs. wine

The top three sources of resveratrol are red grapes, red wine, and resveratrol supplements. Red grapes are rich in resveratrol and when they are made into red wine, resveratrol is included, too. However, the amount may be depleted. Red grapes and red wine also have other components in them, unlike resveratrol supplements that are made of pure resveratrol. This means that supplements have the highest amount of resveratrol and that’s exactly what you want for your body.

Even though supplements are supposed to be natural and contain only resveratrol, this doesn’t mean that you can just buy any resveratrol supplement out there. You still need to find high quality supplements to make sure that they are safe. Note that some supplements out there do not contain the recommended amount of resveratrol and they may contain additives, fillers, and binders. These may cost less and tempt others who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but remember that these are less likely to show any good results. What does that mean? The money you spent on it, no matter how small, will only go to waste.

What about side effects?

Most of the studies done to identify the effects of resveratrol have been done on rodents, which raised some questions because the physiology of rodents isn’t as close to that of humans. However, there is a successful study done on lemurs that have a closer physiology to humans that prove the effectiveness of resveratrol in fat burning and weight loss. Along with the results of this study and many others before it, it has been established that resveratrol is safe. Consistent on all the studies, there are no common side effects even when used for a long time. Despite the lack of side effects associated with resveratrol, people who may have allergies should still be careful in using it. Ask your doctor if you think that resveratrol has some unexpected effects on your body. If irritation occurs, it’s best to stop using it until your doctor isolates the problem and gives you clearance to use it again.

If you want to lose weight without feeling weak and sleepy the entire day, try resveratrol supplements. If you want to have a healthier body and better looking skin, you can also try resveratrol supplements. And more importantly, if you want to lose weight, have increased energy, and get a healthier body without having to use a lot of supplements resveratrol is definitely something you have to try.

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