Saffron Extract and Weight Loss

If you’re a fan of Indian food, you have probably tried a dish containing saffron. The spice is usually added to rice to make the popular saffron rice, a delicacy that’s not only fragrant, but definitely delicious. But did you know that aside from the fulfillment that saffron gives you, it also benefits your body, especially if you are trying to lose weight?

Eat saffron, eat less

What most people know is that when you eat more, you gain more. That is not the same with saffron. As you eat more of this spice, you will actually lose more weight from eating less. How does that happen? Saffron is a very good appetite suppressant—it tells your mind that you have the option to say no to cravings, that you don’t have to feel depressed when you can’t eat that mud pie after a satisfying dinner. It’s important to curb these unhealthy cravings because these are the reason you gain weight in the first place. If you do not give in to your cravings, you will be able to consume only the recommended amount of calories for your body type.

Cravings and their repercussions

There are two types of cravings. One is the natural response of your body to a deficiency in a certain vitamin or nutrient. For instance, if you are lacking in sodium, you might have that craving to eat something salty. The same is also true for when you are thirsty because your body needs water. However, most people crave for the unhealthy things that have addictive properties such as salts and sweets. Did you ever wonder why it’s French fries, cheeseburgers, ice creams, chocolates, and cakes that you always think of when you are bored? It’s because cheese, sugar, and chocolates are all addictive. The sad part is when you don’t get your fill of these unhealthy snacks you will feel depressed and moody.

Long-term effects of unhealthy eating

As you consume more and more fatty and oily foods, your body will have a surplus of calories, calories it doesn’t need. Your body will respond to this by converting the calories to stored fat, which will result in you gaining weight. Moreover, the toxins found in unhealthy foods will also find a place in your gastrointestinal tract. In the long run, you will notice depression kicking in as well as sleeplessness and constipation. Weight gain is also apparent when your body cannot get rid of waste effectively.

Where is saffron in all of this?

Saffron is a spice that actually helps aid in your metabolism plus curbs your appetite. By getting rid of those cravings, you will not want to eat ice creams, cakes, and deep fried delicacies all the time. That means no additional calories for your body to deal with. Ultimately, that translates to lesser fat deposits. That prevents you from gaining weight and since saffron encourages faster metabolism, the fat deposits that are already there will also be burned in no time. The scenario is this: you will only eat a portion of what you normally eat, so your body has only a small amount of calories to process. It will then tap into the fat deposits to give you enough energy for your day.

Saffron rice is truly delicious, and now that you know that it also benefits your body, you will surely want to eat more of it. However, it’s not recommended that you eat more than a serving of saffron rice. If you want the benefits of saffron without the added calories of rice, then just go for saffron supplements that are already available in the market.


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