Saffron Extract vs Green Coffee Bean

One of the biggest problems in the world is obesity. Unfortunately, there is no single approach that can help eradicate this problem. Some people become obese because of their lifestyle, while others become obese because of underlying medical conditions. Fortunately, there are also a lot of ways to reduce obesity in an individual, including natural weight loss supplements. Saffron extract and green coffee bean are just two of the most sought after supplements of today, and for good reason.

Saffron extract’s effects on your health

Saffron extract is more than just a spice. It has different uses, including as dye, flavoring, fragrance, and medicine. A small amount of saffron added to food can already make an improvement in your body, seeing as it is a very potent appetite suppressant. Men and women of all ages can use this supplement to reduce their appetite and in turn cut some inches off their waistline. Saffron extract triggers satisfaction in your brain, a feeling that you usually get after eating carbohydrates. Now, you can say no to food cravings while still feeling satisfied.

Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean comes from the same beans used to make your usual coffee bean, but it doesn’t undergo a certain process that lets it keep the chemical that helps you lose weight. Green coffee bean triggers faster metabolism and it is also healthier than regular coffee. Moreover, green coffee bean has antioxidants to help combat the signs of aging. Its benefits include better skin, memory, and retention. However, it is worth noting that green coffee bean still contains caffeine. Because of that, it can cause palpitations and many other side effects that you can get from regular coffee.

How effective are natural supplements?

Before natural supplements are packaged, substantial amount of research is done to make sure that they will have some benefits for the body. Both saffron extract and green coffee bean have research to back up their claims, but more research could still be done. The results of research conducted on saffron extract claim that it is effective against depression, PMS, and menstrual cramps and pains. Meanwhile, green coffee bean is proven to have an effect in lowering cholesterol levels and improving metabolism.

Are saffron extract and green coffee bean proven to work?

Research on saffron extract says that it helps its subjects lose weight and that it may be as effective as certain medications. The weight loss on subjects using saffron extract proved to be at least twice as much as that of the subjects on the placebo group. The same can be said about green coffee bean. However, before using saffron supplements or green coffee bean, you might want to start reading up on their side effects. A huge quantity of pure saffron may cause poisoning or even death. Fortunately, you only need a small amount of it. Green coffee bean can cause all the side effects that caffeine from regular coffee comes with, so you might want to keep yourself from becoming addicted.

Should you use these supplements?

Ultimately, the question is whether you should use supplements like these. When compared with medications that help solve a problem or two, natural supplements seem to be safer. They have lesser and milder side effects, plus you won’t have to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stop using them. It’s also a bonus that the weight loss benefits of supplements like these can be seen quickly. Therefore, if you really want to lose weight but don’t want to fill yourself up with chemically-ridden medications, these natural alternatives are right for you. Saffron extract can be used in food, while green coffee bean can be drank. For your convenience, supplements in tablet and capsule forms also exist.


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