Side Effects of Low Testosterone

Testosterone supplement is making a stir in the market today. Men want to get their hands on the hormone supplement for its benefits, but why do you really need it? What does it mean to have low testosterone levels?

Testosterone explained

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the ‘masculine’ attributes of a male. Even though it is also found in women, the amount is ten times more in men. Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of a man’s voice, muscle development, and even competitiveness. Just like with other hormones and nutrients, a low amount of testosterone will have an effect on your body.

Low energy and poor memory

Testosterone is responsible for keeping minds sharp and fully functioning. Conversely, a low testosterone level in the body will mean increased risk of having Alzheimer’s as you get old. If you envy those who are still sharp despite their age, you might want to start working on improving your testosterone levels now.

Low self-esteem and less attractiveness

Testosterone doesn’t just make a man confident. It also makes you more attractive to women. A man with high levels of testosterone will be competitive and confident in everything he does. That’s already enough to make any woman fall for you. On top of that, you will also become more successful in life if you have optimal levels of testosterone. On the other hand, low testosterone level can mean that you will not be confident nor take risks that may land you that promotion you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

Higher body fat

One thing that’s easily noticeable on a man with a low level of testosterone is higher body fat. Since testosterone helps build muscles that burn fat, without enough levels you will be left with a body that’s not too active on metabolizing. If you’re a health buff, you should definitely improve your testosterone levels to ensure the formation of stronger muscles.

Weaker body

Without stronger muscles, your overall strength will not be that much. Add to that the fact that low levels of testosterone also translate to weaker bones and you have dreadful days ahead of you. Remember, as you grow older bones tend to weaken naturally and with low testosterone levels in your body you can expect your bones to get much worse. There’s an increased risk of osteoporosis. Even your heart will be weaker, since it’s a muscular organ.

Erectile dysfunction and infertility

Your libido will be decreased as your testosterone level drops. Because of this, you will not be interested in sexual intercourse, which can only do more harm to your confidence. Add to that the fact that erectile dysfunction is terribly common with low testosterone level and you have a big problem. Married men may also be infertile.

How to increase your testosterone levels

You can get a blood test to know your testosterone levels. This way, you will know if you have to do anything to improve it. If the testosterone level is too low, you might want to consider supplementation. Testosterone supplements are available in capsules to make it possible for you to get the results in no time. If your testosterone level is normal, you can still use supplements to give it an additional boost. If you want to build more muscles, then supplementation is the way to go. Meanwhile, if you already have high levels of testosterone, you may not have to do anything. But if you still choose to use supplement that’s okay too, since using it is completely safe.

If you want to be that grumpy, tired, obese, and forgetful person who wants to live alone for the remainder of his days, then you don’t need testosterone. However, if you want to be active, appealing, confident, and physically fit, then you should start working to increase your testosterone levels now.


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