Velvet Antler Side Effects

Recently, velvet antler has stirred some news in the sports industry. Apparently it’s the reason that some professional athletes are recovering from injury faster and are becoming bigger. If you look at it from that perspective, surely there’s nothing wrong with using velvet antler, right? So what exactly is the reason that it’s banned in the sports industry? Is it because of serious side effects that come with its benefits?

velvet antlerWhat is velvet antler anyway?

Velvet antler is the youngish antler taken from male deer. It is not hard like the horns you usually see, since it has not gone through the process of calcification yet. This antler is taken with the help of an expert or a veterinarian then it is dried, powdered, and shipped to its destination. If you’re wondering if the use of velvet antler will lead to a deer not having antlers, you are wrong. It grows back, so the deer can still have their extravagant antlers.

What are its effects on the body?

The supplement, which contains powdered velvet antler, helps build muscle mass. It also helps the body recover from injuries faster. When you exercise, muscle recovery happens afterwards, which is why you need to eat the right foods to hasten the process. If you add velvet antler supplement to that, you are guaranteed to be able to build muscle quicker because muscle recovery is no problem at all. It also has over 20 amino acids and gangliosides, which help in improving learning and memory functions. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as positive effects on blood pressure.

Is it safe to use?

It has benefits, all right. But is it safe to use? What are the dangers of using this supplement? According to research, there are no harmful side effects associated with velvet antler. In fact, it even helps children with below average production of human growth hormone to develop bigger bones and keep them from having below average height. Velvet antler also improves male characteristics, which includes increased libido—this can be considered an added benefit for many.

Why is it banned?

If velvet antler is that good and it doesn’t have side effects, why is it banned in certain sports? That’s because sports rules indicate that human growth hormones are not to be used. Unfortunately, velvet antler contains IGF-1, which is just like a human growth hormone. And considering that it helps make bigger muscles and encourages faster muscle recovery, it may not result in a fair game. Imagine one team using it while another doesn’t: one team would be fearlessly playing, since they know their injuries can heal faster, while the other will not be too bold, since their bodies need some time to heal.

Can you use it?

If it’s banned from sports, can you use it? Yes, absolutely—unless you’re a professional athlete and it’s banned in the sports you’re involved in. In that case, you may want to stick with the rules and not get yourself suspended. However, if you’re just someone aiming to build more muscles and develop a stronger body that heals faster, this supplement can be great for you. Remember that more muscles build more body fat, so you can say goodbye to those extra pounds of fat and say hello to more muscles. Not convinced that it’s good for the body? Remember, this is recommended for children who have growth problems—if children can use it safely, so can you.

Velvet antler supplement is a great way to increase the immunity of your body against sicknesses and muscle tears. Everyone can take advantage of that, and since it is safe, there should be nothing stopping you from getting those benefits right now.



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